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Use of cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or application. Your browser can read these files and in some cases remember your preferences, e.g. which content to show on the screen.

Cookies are not programs and so can't contain a virus. They are stored in .txt format so you can open them with Notepad or any other text editor. They usually contain two pieces of information - a site name and a unique user ID.

There are usually four types of cookie:

Essential cookies

Without these, some websites won't work properly. They help you to load up pages, move around the site or do key activities like booking events and remembering your name when you're logged in.

These are our essential cookies:


We'll always keep this list as up to date as possible.

Cookies for website usage information

We use these to collect anonymous information. This can include how many people use the website, what the most popular pages are and if there are any problems.

These are our cookies for website information:

  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc
  • __utmv
  • __utmz

We'll always keep this list as up to date as possible.

Cookies that save your settings

These cookies tell the browser to remember when you change text size and remember when you've logged into other sites so you don't have to keep logging in. They can also tell if you've filled in a survey, as well as keeping track of any other preferences.

Cookies for third-party websites

These cookies let websites interact with third party services such as Twitter and Facebook, so you can share pages and content with other people.

These are our cookies for third-party websites:

  • notify
  • wuCookie
  • wuLog
  • wuRedirect
  • wuSecureCookie
  • wuSignup
  • wuentry

We'll always keep this list as up to date as possible.

Managing cookies

The links below take you to the 'Help' sections for each of the major browsers so that you can find out more about how to manage your cookies.

Remember that some sites and features won't work with cookies turned off.

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